4th Grade Handbook
Attendance: Students should arrive at 8:30. If your child is going to be absent, please make sure to call the office and also send me an email or leave a phone message. If your student is late, they need to obtain a late pass from the office.

Absence: Make sure to fill out an absentee slip when your child returns back to school. Absentee slips will be given to you at the beginning of the school year. If you need more, you can contact me or pick them up at the school office.

Agenda: Each night your child will bring home their agenda with their homework written in it. Please review this with your child and sign. This is also where you will see more information about your child's day.
Birthdays: We love celebrating birthdays in Room 9! Please let me know if you will be bringing in a birthday snack for child. Please try to stay away from getting full birthday cakes because it's hard to serve multiple children. Cupcakes, brownies, etc. would be the best! If you have any questions just let me know. If you are having a birthday party for your child outside of school, please send your invitations in the mail unless you are inviting the whole class! A class list of addresses will be sent home at the beginning of the year.

Blog: We will be blogging about our everyday adventures in the classroom! Please leave us comments!

Book Orders: I will send home Scholastic book orders each month. Once ordered, books usually take about two weeks to arrive. Please make your checks payable to Scholastic; cash is not accepted. Reminders for when book orders are due will be posted in the biweekly newsletter.
Communication: The best way to get a hold of me during the day is email! CYarzabek@hershey.k12.pa.us If you have a message that needs to get to me right away, please call the office.

Clearances: You must have your FBI clearances in order to go on field trips with us. Also, if you are a regular visitor to our classroom! If you need more information on this please just ask me or the office secretaries!
Everyday Math: Mrs. Prisbe will be your math teacher this year!

Early Dismissal: We will have a few early dismissal days throughout the school year. Please make sure to look of for notes that are sent home regarding the time of dismissal. Also, this information will be posted on your monthly calendar.
Folder: Your child will have a red folder that goes home with them each night. Please make sure to sign their behavior calendar and send it back to school each day! I will check their folder each morning.

Field Trips: We go on two field trips in fourth grade - more info to come soon!
Gym Shoes: Please make sure that your child wears sneakers on gym day! We have gym every Day 3 and Day 6.
Homework: There will be math homework each night. I also want your child to be reading at least 15 minutes each night.
Illness: Please contact me and the school office when your child is going to be sick.


Lunch: We will eat lunch every day at 12:10 in cafeteria 1.
Medicine: Please contact Mrs. Kozak, our school nurse, with questions regarding medication.

Monthly Calendar: Each month I will send home a calendar filled with everything that is going on in Room 9. All calendars will be posted on our wiki in case you lose them!
Newsletter: There will be a newsletter sent home every other week. There will be important announcements, special schedule, homework due dates, etc. All newsletters will be posted on our wiki!
Oovoo: Oovoo is a lot like Skype! We use Oovoo to talk with friends from around the world. This year we are going to do a 50 state challenge. We are going to try to connect with a first grade class in all 50 states! If you know of anyone that would like to join, please tell them to email me!
Parties: We will have a variety of class parties throughout the school year. All signup sheets for donations will be posted at the beginning of the year, and again in October on Back to School Night. All parents are invited to our parties!

Parent/Teacher Conferences: We will meet twice a year for our parent/teacher conferences. Sign up sheets will be out at the beginning of the year. Conferences are 15 minutes long.

Recess: We have one recess in fourth grade from 12:40 - 1:10 each day.

Reading Street: Our language arts program is called Reading Street. Most of our day is devoted to reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Reward System: There are many special ways to earn rewards in Room 9. In our classroom, we have tickets. Tickets are given out when you are "caught being good." At the end of each day, a ticket winner will be chosen from our ticket jar! The winner has the choice of a few different things. For example; picking out of the prize box, sharing something special, bringing in a stuffed animal, etc.

As a class, we will try to earn special class parties. Some examples of parties are: pajama day, game day, and ice cream party. We have a Mr. Potato head and when we are doing a great job as a class we will earn another part to put on Mr. Potato head! Once he is full we will have a classroom party.
Supplies: I will provide all supplies for your child. All they need is a backpack and lunchbox! Don't forget to put their name on everything they bring to school!

Snacks: We have lunch at 12:10. As of now, we do not have a classroom snack, but if we find that we need one to get through the morning we will make adjustments to our schedule!

Specials: Every day our special time is 9:34 - 10:14. Please check the newsletter for the special schedule!

Spelling Words: All spelling words will be posted on the wiki. They will not be sent home! Feel free to print the list from our wikispace.
Toys: Please have your child leave their toys at home. We will have special days and celebrations where they may bring things in!

Volunteer: There will be many opportunities for you to volunteer in Room 9!
Wiki: This wiki is one of my main ways to communicate information to you! It is so important to visit this site! If you need anything, it should be found here.

Weekend Blogging: Each weekend, your child will write a blog post on what they did over the weekend!

Miss Yarzabek: I am so excited to be your child's fourth grade teacher! This is my 7th year teaching. I am originally from Lancaster but currently live in Elizabethtown. Some things I love: Phillies, Eagles (all Philly sports!) and technology!
Zzz's: It is so important that your child gets enough sleep each night!